Golden Ring

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• Medieval Russia • Pre-Romanovs History • Arts and Crafts •
Down to the northeast off Moscow there is a collection of authentically Russian cities, the date of foundation of the most ancient of them dating as far back as IX century. Most of them used to be policy makers of the time and have nowadays caringly preserved the lore of medieval Russia in the material proofs of their bygone might and everlasting beauty: Kremlins, elegant strongholds of Russian knighthoods, churches of mind inspiring architectural forms, richest collections of icons and much more.
While all the cities officially included into the Golden Ring list are little gems with quite unexpected museums like Museum of Mice, Museum of Iron, the most popular will be Vladimir, Suzdal, Sergiev-Posad, owing to the beauty of their landmarks like the Golden Gates, Cathedral of Dormition, Church of the Nativity, Saviour-Epyphany Convent and St. Sergius Lavra to name just a few, as well as their relative proximity to Moscow.