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Karelia is a wide spread of forests embedded with lakes and rivers and a variety of historical monuments of universal importance and interest. Visits to the major highlights on the must-see list will start from Petrozavodsk, capital of Karelia. You can reach it by train, a choice of trains operating between Moscow and St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk, or car. Your choice will be governed by the time you have at your disposal, level of comfort and depth of interest in the destination.
Of the rich variety of local attractions the highlights of your experience will a visit to Kizhi Island, located close to the centre of Onega lake, famous for its wooden architecture museum, restoration centre and no end of Russian Orthodox churches; visit to Kivach waterfall, the second largest valley waterfall in Europe, shungit healing stone workshop or else huski breeding farm. A collection of modern hotels will secure availability of all the modern comforts should you decide to devote more than a full day to this Wonder of northern Russia.