Recommended Tours
• Walk through Medieval Ages • Arts and Crafts • Ethnography Tour • Amber Ring •
Immerse in the atmosphere of a medieval town. Get lost in its intricate maze full of exciting, overwhelming, intriguing discoveries, revelations and finding. Pamper yourself with a hearty treat of national specialty cuisine. Admire elegance of the new Tallinn, paying tribute to the old times legacy, not a dime competing, but creating a fine-tuned pattern of two integral parts, merging into one beautiful complete chef-d’oevre, most advantageously complementing each other . Reach it by sea, land or air. Enjoy whatever time you have there.

Described as a small town like a large castle among the towns of Astlanda by Arab cartographer Muhammad al-Idrisi, Tallinn is one of the best, if the best, preserved Old Town in Europe. Charming pearl in the precious necklace of Baltic State capital. Winding, cobbled streets, authentic medieval buildings, gabled roofs… Old Thomas, Dome Cathedral, Blackheads, Apothecary… all that is Tallinn